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Lost Ring .. White Gold with Diamonds .. Downey, CA. .. Found in Tot Lot

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Amber called me after Sharon found TheRingFinders website. Her first question was to ask about how the service works? Her concern was, that she wasn’t sure where her,white gold with diamonds,ring was lost. Amber and Sharon had been several places including a sandy totlot and Chucky Cheese amusement center in Downey, CA. Amber noticed the ring missing that evening after several hours away from the house.

Amber thought it was probably lost at the Chucky Cheese business which would not leave much hope to find it. Sharon believed that the ring was at the totlot in the sand. After hearing the list of events and knowing that Amber had not felt ring slip off. It was now just a matter of eliminating the sandy totlot before some other detectorist found it.

I was out of town but told Amber that I could be at the location before 4pm. She agreed to meet me at the location as I had told her, our chances of finding the ring are better if she can narrow the search area. Both Amber and Sharon were there when I started the search, I could tell Amber had not much hope of finding the ring. She had to leave for a few minutes, so Sharon was there when I found the ring near the children’s slide. When I held up the ring, Sharon broke out with a giant smile and her eyes lit up. Then we waited for Amber to show up. That’s when we were able to make it a second surprise moment. As we walked up to her, I asked her if she had been near the swings. As she was answering me Sharon held the beautiful gold w/ diamond ring up for Amber to see. Surprise, another big smile from Amber. ¬†Sharon was right about the location.

They were so nice and appreciative. I enjoyed helping them and it was worth the extra drive to have a successful search.