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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring TIKI Island Galveston, Texas (recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


Massive Platinum Wedding Ring lost off the dock on TIKI Island-Galveston, Texas recovered by Houston Metal Detecting Services (Members of The Ring Finders)

I was contacted by Mike a resident of TIKI Island -Galveston, Texas who was looking for help in recovering his platinum wedding ring lost off the dock behind his home.  Mike reported following an unexpected water-related kayak incident, his ring slipped off his finger and landed in the water near the edge of the dock. Mike reported the water was about 4′ deep and the bottom had a somewhat muddy bottom.  Mike stated he attempted to recover the ring with a homemade sift but was unsuccessful at recovering his ring. Mike said later that day a short internet search led him to The Ring Finders website, and he placed the call!

Mike said his wife had the ring made for him and he was extremely motivated about trying to recover this one-of-a-kind platinum wedding ring.  Mike and I made arrangements to meet the following day to attempt a recovery of his lost ring.

Some days all things come together, this day was no exception, Mike’s ring was laying on the edge of the only hard pack material next to the dock, another foot out, and it would have possibly been unrecoverable due to the bottomless silt just off that ledge.


















































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