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Lost Engagement Ring Found Victoria B.C.

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)


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Yesterday I received a phone call from Alexander asking do I still locate lost rings. Yes I do, how can I help you. He told me the story of his wife to be Stacey, sitting by a tree at UVIC and taking her ring off to put lotion on her hands. She placed the ring on her purse and as soon as she was finished she got up to go for some lunch, then discovered the ring was gone.

The ring was platinum and my PI machine did not hit on it, I returned in the morning after a 3 hour search the night before and after 30 minutes bingo the missing ring.

I text Alex a picture and he phoned saying “Are you kidding me”  I will be there in ten minutes, after a few very happy hugs and some pictures he left to reunite the ring with his fiance Stacey.

Thank you for the Awesome Reward.

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