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Father’s wedding band found in Cape Cod Bay, Brewster, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 9, 2023

Jessica was spending a beautiful afternoon in the calm, cool waters of Cape Cod Bay when her father’s wedding band slipped from her finger. In an effort to enhance her chance of finding the ring she went to a hardware store to rent a metal detector. An employee knew Jessica would need a waterproof metal detector to help find the ring, which the store did not have. The employee told her of TheRingFinders and that they would help. In turn a call for help was placed and I responded.

As daylight and the tide go, so goes the opportunity to detect in the varying depths of a specific area of a beach. Jessica and I exchanged a few texts and set up a meeting to take place at 8AM the next morning. Leighton Harrington, another Ring Finder, joined me for the search. Also in the search team were Jessica and her friend Max.

To make a 90 minute search a short story Max was “eye-balling” the sandy area while Leighton and I covered the submerged area. A few hopeful signals turn out to be objects other then the ring. As often happens the ring was found a good 100 feet from the initial area we were led to were Jesica thought the ring had slipped from her finger.

It was unbelievable but Max spotted just a quick flash of reflected early morning light in the sand. Low and behold it was a reflection from the ring. What a team effort in the search and return of a very sentimental ring. The return brought tears of joy from Jessica and many thanks for our response to her request for help came from both Jessica and Max. Smiles all around and multiple photos made for a very memorable and unique return.