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Lost Wedding Ring in Iowa Snow

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

I received a message from a young man who said his wife had lost her wedding ring. As the story goes, she was outside at night with their dog standing on the deck and the ring came up missing. They were not sure if she lost it playing with the dog or when exactly she lost it. By chance, her friend was there and was videoing their interaction and at one point, the wife was standing at the top of the steps, facing the yard, swinging her arms. When her arm was back, the ring was on her finger and the next time it was not. I must say this is the first for me that they actually had the losing of the ring on video. There was snow in the yard and they frantically searched but the temperatures were below freezing and the husband had to force the wife to give up for the night and come inside. For the next week they would go in the yard and search but to compound to the problem was 4″ of  new snow and then the temperatures warmed just enough to melt some and refreeze.

We made an appointment for the next Saturday and I went to their home. He took me through the story and showed me where it had happened. I got my equipment   and set the sensitivity way down and the discrimination to the max. I took 3 steps off the deck and got a signal and told the husband who was helping that this would be a good place to look. He got down and started digging in the snow and ice but did not come up with anything. I got my pin pointer and pointed to where it should be and he took another brush of snow and there was silver shining through. It never gets old seeing the sheer joy on their face and feeling the burden being lifted off their shoulders. It is something that is hard to describe. The next task was to get a little torch because it was frozen in ice and snow. We heated it oh so gently and pulled it from its frozen grave. They were both very appreciative and reward me nicely for coming to their rescue.