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Lost and Found Ring Returned on Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Lost Ring / Found Rind / Returned Ring … It is as easy as that my 19th return of 2011!

      I was on my way to a metal detecting club picnic when I turned on my cell phone and was alerted to a missed call. When I was safe at the picnic I made a return call. Don said he had lost his wedding band while tossing some pine needles into the woods and asked if I could help look for the ring. Don had left his metal detector in Florida and needed help. I said sure, but I have to partake of the picnic food and I would stop by afterwards.

I arrived at Bob’s and with my ATPro set to located platinum and gold I was ready to help and fellow retired US Navy shipmate. First I used one of Chris’s tips of giving Don a ring on a ribbon. I let him toss the ring just as he has tossed the pine needles. I started a grid search to one side and then the other side of where the test ring landed and worked forward. After finding a few targets with too high a ID reading and too deep including some kind of manifold or liquid valve the ATPro’s ID reading locked in at 64. I pushed a few leaves and pine needles away and then asked Don if this was his ring? Still on the ground and shining upward was enough for Don to confirm it was his ring and then he picked it up and returned it to its proper place, on his finger.

Don’s wife, Janet, was the person who located me through The Ring Finders. She was very grateful for my efforts and presented me with a beautiful home made candle decorated with sea shells that I gave my wife for her patient waiting in the car while I did the search and recovery.

Yes another picture for the Book of Smiles. What a wonderful hobby, helping others!

Lost Wedding Band Found on West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Kathy F. e-mailed with a request for help in finding her husband’s wedding band. The specific location of where the ring had been lost was perfect. Unfortunately the weather, tide and sea state were not so perfect. As timing is an essential factor in searching the salt waters we had to try at the next low tide. Team member Jim W. and I met at the beach, looked at the conditions and almost gave up, but did not. Jim detected in his bathing suit and shoes, I forgot my shoes so I wore my fishing waders and could not get out as far or deep as Jim could. The seaweed was a challenge to work in as were the high, crashing waves. It took Jim about 20 minutes to find the ring at chest depth in the very rough water. Before our search started I had to ask a fisherman to move from where he was fishing so we could search for the ring with out getting “caught”. Needless to say he and his girlfriend were amazed that we found the ring. In the time we were in the water the fisherman had not caught his dinner. The best part of this story lies within the children’s hand made Thank You cards given to both Jim and myself and of course the Happy Ending with many Smiles will never be forgotten.