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Wedding band returned with help from Google Map of Cape Cod

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 12,2018

Contacted via E-mail for a lost ring at a small private beach. No parking available so a hike was in order from a town beach. The first night showed no sign of a ring. With Google Earth map in hand, Jim and I headed back the second night and expanded the area of our search. A bit of confusion on which Sunday and which “little” jetty and if the jetty could be seen at high tide kept us guessing. No need to make any more guesses; as I was was about to leave the original search area after 5 hours of searching the area the ring said it had had enough and reluctantly crawled into my scoop. YES, the search was over. Return was arranged via the USPS, delivered and waiting photos.

On to the next search and return adventure…