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BMW Key Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Thursday .. 6-18-15

I was just leaving my home to search for a ring lost near the Balboa Pier, when Tim called. He said that he was at The Wedge searching for his BMW car key. The Wedge is a popular body surfing beach about a mile south of the Balboa Pier. I told him that I would be right there, figuring it would be a simple recovery.
When I got there, Tim was shuffling his feet through the sand as he had been doing for 4 or 5 hours including the night before. He told me that he had placed his key that had a metal fob under his shoes when he went into to the water last night.
After an hour, I had cross gridded the area with no luck. I had set my detector in what I thought was all metal, but could not get a signal. I gave up till I could get my PI detector. Returning the next day with my Whites PI Surfmaster, I found the Key with a huge triangle shaped metallic bottle opener.
My other machine has a factory set Relic and Beach settings. I could not get a signal in open screen mode. The large metallic fob was masking the signal. I’ve had time to check this again and I did get a null which I may have missed, it’s a lesson to be learned with my CTX 3030. I will remember this in the future.
I called Tim and he was surprised that I went back to give it a second try.. We will meet up in a few days to return his key.