Lost Ring Council Bluffs, IA

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

My daughter received a text one evening from her High School drama teacher, he had lost his wedding ring and was looking for anyone with a metal detector.  My daughter then turned to me and asked me if I would help him.  Of course I said yes, because that is what we do.  She replied back and arrangements were made for another student to come by at 6 am the next morning to lead me to Mr. M’s.

They were in the middle of building a new set for the next production at the high school so he only had until 7am before he had to be at the school for the kids.  I figured we would have enough time for him to show me the area he may have lost it.   It was still dark when we arrived, enough time to have a cup of coffee and get a little background information of what happened.  Turns out he was doing some clean-up in his garden when he noticed it was gone.

First light we went out to the yard, he lost it while pulling old plants and walking them a couple hundred feet to a dumpster.  He and his wife were up until 2 am with flashlights digging thru the dumpster and searching the yard looking for it.  It was when he walked to the middle of the yard and said I pulled the tomato plants and shook the dirt off of them here when I realized that would be my starting point.

I gave my pin-pointer to them to probe the flower garden, put my headphones on, and powered up.  I took 5 steps and had my first signal, used my detectors pin pointer looked down and I could see his ring.  When I looked over to them they all had their back’s turned towards me.  I said, “Hey Mr M.”   He turned around with a puzzled look on his face and walked over.  I looked down and said what’s that.  He looked down and didn’t see anything.  I moved my foot so my toe was pointing to it and said right there.   A grin came across his face when he quickly reached down and snatched up his ring!


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