Tony Reese

Cost For My Service

My services are on a reward basis if item is found. Calls outside Omaha\Council Bluffs area may require reimbursement for fuel expenses, we can certainly discuss.

Search Types

Land and shallow water areas up to 5 feet. Please obtain permission for private property, I can help you with this. City of Omaha requires permit for City Parks any other properties, which I do have. Searching in State Parks is prohibited unless permission is obtained from park superintendant.

Search Locations

Omaha\Council Bluffs. Am willing to travel outside of metro area however there may be some reimbursement for expenses. Call me to discuss.

Tony Reese's Bio

I am married father of three teenagers. Enjoy anything to do with the great outdoors, hiking, biking, golf, kayaking, ice fishing and of course metal detecting. Pictured with me is my kayaking pal Carmen, you may have run into us at one of the many local lakes in the metro area. I once lost my wedding ring floating down a small Iowa river, the feeling of panic was fairly instant when I felt it slip off my finger. Luckily I was able to find it and I would enjoy helping anyone recover their lost item.

Tony Reese - Recent Blog Posts

  • 2nd Ring Recovered in a week, lost for 5 years in Omaha, NE (2014)

    This is also a co-worker of mine that I have been bugging for nearly a year to do a search for his lost ring that he had mentioned.   He wasn’t sure where he lost it but assumed it was during a game of catch with his son in the yard nearly 5 years ago (2009.)  It […]

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  • Lost Ring Elk City, Nebraska (2014)

    Ring was lost nearly 5 years ago (2009) while owner was showing gymnastic like skills going down the slide of a bounce house.   During the landing of a near perfect forward roll with a 1/2 twist the ring flew off.  The bouncy house was scoured by all the other 3-4 year old participants with no luck.  […]

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  • Rings recovered Fremont Recreation Area, Fremont, NE (2014)

    Was contacted by rings owner after she searched for metal detectors on the internet.  She had been swimming at a nearby lake when she lost two rings,  they both came off as she begin to tread water.  I drove out after work and met her and a friend at the lake. Both of them waded out and watched me pull up a […]

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  • Ring recovered Fremont Lakes Recreation Area, Fremont, NE (2014)

    Ring was lost while playing with kids in lake, tossing the kid and the ring came off.   Attempts to find the ring by diving down and feeling with hands and feet failed to find it.  Owner had a pretty good idea where in the swimming area it was lost.  While searching on the internet to […]

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  • Lost Ring Omaha Recovered (2014)

    Ring was lost when owner was cleaning gutters on home.  Stated that he would grab a hand full out of the gutter and was throwing it down to the ground.  Search took about 5 minutes to find.  Ground was fairly moist and ring was pressed into ground to the point that only the top of […]

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Tony Reese - Testimonials

  • I cannot find enough words to tell him how much I appreciated his hard work and most of all, his honesty... (2011)


    Hi Chris,

    I was hoping that you could somehow post my message to the website about my recent experience with a ring finder named Tony Reese of Council Bluffs, IA. I lost my wedding ring while playing ball in a city park and upon discovering it, I got frantic. I posted a message in the lost & found section of Craigslist thinking that I would never ever see it again. Tony contacted me and told me about his services and although I informed him about the details of my location, I have to admit that I was still skeptical about ever seeing the ring again. Low and behold, he called to tell me that he found it! I cannot find enough words to tell him how much I appreciated his hard work and most of all, his honesty with returning the ring to me. Thank you so much Tony!