Precious Wedding Band Recovered from the bay of Green Bay

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Last June, I received a frantic request from Rob, a visitor from Los Angeles, California, who had just lost his wedding band.    He was renting a vacation home near Red Banks, was tossing one of his nephews off the dock into about 4 feet of water, and his wedding band splashed into the drink!   Unfortunately, Rob’s wife had passed away only three months previously, and the ring was inscribed with a message of love from her.   It was important to recover it!   Rob asked me how long it would take, and I replied “About two minutes.”   I knew this because I knew the bay sediments very well from years of experience, my Garrett AT Pro could easily discriminate out iron.  Besides, Rob was a professional roofer and had pulled a nail finder over the area many times, pretty much cleaning it out ahead of time for me!   I hopped off the dock in my wet suit, and had the ring back on his finger in less than two minutes!   Whew!  I’m not always that bold in my predictions.      Rob thanked me profusely, and insisted I share a beer and watch the sunset with his family, though the real glow was coming from his smile.   

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