14k Gold Wedding Band recovered in Waupaca County

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Kevin was making memories, tossing his kids off the swimming raft into the lake when a unwelcome memory intervened – his wedding band also decided to take a plunge.   The bottom was 12 – 15 down with limited visibility.   Luckily, Jeff Wettstein was available with his hookah technology.     Tom Caldie was the aquanaut, and he recovered the ring perched on top of some invasive milfoil plants after almost two hours of gently sweeping over the top.  Lucky for that, as deep silt was under the plants, and the ring could have been dislodged and sunk down too deep for recovery.  It took a light touch to detect a signal without losing the ring forever, but it was well worth the effort.     This is why they call this the “Book of Smiles!”