Found! Beautiful wedding ring lost in the Gulf of Mexico at Orange Beach Alabama

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This young lady lost her stunning 3 part wedding ring while playing catch with her son in the Gulf of Mexico. The next day a very worried husband called me and I said I would do my best to find her rings. I arrived at the beach and the couple briefed me on the location, it was about a quarter acre, half on land and half in the water! I started the search in the water using flagging placed lined up on the beach so I could maintain a tight grid with overlap to insure complete coverage. The surf was steadily building that afternoon with some waves breaking over my head. Searching was near impossible and even thought I was able to locate several promising targets I did not dig in fear of the rings settling deeper than the my detector would locate. So, I retreated to the beach and made a complete search with out finding her rings. She was very concerned that her rings were lost for good but I told her I don’t give up. Together, I showed her the tide charts and surf report that identified the next late afternoon as the best time to search the water. She was very concerned because they needed to head home the next day. Based on their plan I arrived the next afternoon early and the waves had laid down quite a bit. I had mental notes of where I found targets the day before and started my search at the target I thought had the best signal, I found her ring in about 5 minutes and lucky the three parts were still together. She was exuberant on getting the news that I had found her ring that I felt she thought lost for good. The smile on her face made it all worth while! The family went home happy!

lost wedding ring found