Ring search Camas and Richland Washington/Lost Ring/Walla Walla

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

I am thinking about changing my name to Ring Searcher instead of a Ring Finder. This sums up my last two searches. In my defense, both of the searches are not over, and were rings that were lost but the owner was not sure where. This left me with large search areas.

The first one was in Camas, Washington. Like most ring searches it started with a phone call. Help! I lost my ring. This was a very special engagement/wedding ring combo. She was not sure if it was lost in the house or out. She had turned the house upside down and no ring. Next she thought there was a chance her beautiful pet had possibly eaten it. So off to the vet for xrays, which were normal. Finally it was my turn to search the property. It took me three hours to search the yards and nothing. I am hoping to return this spring to look the yard over again.

The second search was for a ring that was a father to son gift. This ring holds special meaning and like all the rings lost I really wanted to find it. We knew that the ring was lost, and at this location. However the area to search was over two acres. Even after searching for 6 hours I had not located it. I did find a ton of pull tabs and bottle caps. I am also planning to continue the search and want to give the client the chance for the story of this ring to not end this way.

I will update the blog as soon as we find the ring.

I just got a call today, for a search in Walla Walla. This one was lost in a specific area so I should be able to locate it.

Bye for now and hopefully, the next blog will put me back in as a ring finder!