Found Lost Ring Walla Walla/Eastern Washington/Platinum Ring

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Today was a good day to hunt for a ring. Well, just about any day is good for hunting. I was contacted by a man from Walla Walla, Washington, who had listed a lost ring on Craigslist. The ring was lost about one week ago, and they had already rented two metal detectors and searched the area with no luck. It is always hard for someone to pick of a MD for the first time and understand what all the “beeps” are about and he was no exception.

The story was that they were out on the deck trying to get their barbecue going. She was fanning the flames and suddenly her 4K Platinum engagement ring flew off her finger. They did not see where it went and did not hear it hit anything.

Upon arriving at the house I did a ring test to see the areas that it might have landed in. Each test showed a low trajectory directly to each side. I started the search on the deck, where the bench around the deck was open underneath and was dirt and gravel mix with dry leaves on top. After that did not show any ring I started on the lawn. I did a grid search twice of the area using two different settings on my XLT and the ring was not there.

The only other place that it might have gone, I felt was over the fence to the neighbors yard, but that was a long shot because of where she was standing, and the other ring tests did not even come close to the fence. After suggesting we check over the fence and see if it had somehow made it over, I stopped and searched one more area while a relative went into the neighbors yard to look. He found the ring on the ground under a camper parked next to the fence. It must have been some wild arm flapping to get the ring to come off and fly back over her shoulder at least 20 feet. It was pretty amazing. Everyone had just about given up hope on finding the ring. You can imagine how happy they were when it was found.

This was such a nice ring, and it had only just began its journey, to be lost and ended there, would have been to bad. The owners were such nice people and now they have a story to go with the ring.

The owner of the ring was pretty excited to have it back, and was thinking of ways he could tell his fiance that it was found. Big smiles all around.

Thanks guys for letting me be apart of the adventure and thanks for the nice reward!