Gorgeous 4 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Newport Beach, CA.. Found with A Lot of Luck

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)









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***Jim’s wife, Joanne had lost her 4 carat diamond platinum wedding ring at Balboa in Newport Beach, CA. They are staying at a beach front vacation rental. He called asking for help and I was able to meet him at the location soon after our phone conversation. 

When I arrived Jim told me the whole story. His wife had been sitting on the beach n her beach chair watching the waves, etc. She then asked her daughter to go back to house and get her book. Her daughter brought the book up to the beach. That’s when Joanne remembered that she had placed three pieces of jewelry out of site in the book. 

When they returned to the house two of the pieces of jewelry were on the floor. The large diamond ring was no where to be found. The area of loss could be anywhere through the house, patio, boardwalk, 75 yards across a grass soccer field or the 75 yards of sand to the beach chair. Very challenging.

While Jim was updating me on the details, he told me that another detector person was searching the location. That guy gave up going further down the beach. I knew I would have to start the search as though it hadn’t been detected. In my head I was planning my best way to attack the search. I chose to start up on the towel line because the beach sifting machines would be hitting that are first thing in the morning. Such a large search zone might require returning in the morning to do the grass soccer field.

I started up my detector right in front of where Joanne was still sitting in her beach chair. I got a pull tab signal within the first three feet. BUT!!! It turned out to be this gorgeous platinum diamond wedding ring that Joanne had worn for over 23 years. 

Both Jim and Joanne witnessed the recovery. They were amazed. She kept repeating “ Who are You? Where did you come from? “

We often find rings fast when people feel their rings come off and can stay in the area of the loss. This was such a large search area with so many possibilities that it could have been found in an open area or picked off by the beach sifting machines ie: Beach King. I figured that the ring stayed in the book until her daughter handed Joanne the book.If the daughter switched hands or loosened her grip on the book it could have fallen anywhere.

A very happy couple for sure, as always it was a pleasure to help them.


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