Lost Ring Found in Newport Beach, CA. .. Found by a Metal Detecting Specialist

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)









If you lost your ring in the sand call  “Stan the Metal Detector Man” available now … 949-500-2136

*** Adam is a lifetime resident of Newport Beach, CA. He was playing football with friends on the beach when his platinum wedding ring slipped off his finger into the dry sand. He knew from past experiences that it was his chance to find it was almost impossible, so he didn’t waste time searching.

Adam got on the internet and found my information on TheRingFinders directory. I met him on the beach soon after he called. We were lucky that he had marked off the spot where the ring came off his finger. Searching a football field area can be challenging. A short grid search turned up Adam’s platinum wedding ring in the scoop. Adam had to meet a friend so he was able to make it to his appointment without a delay. 

Another successful recovery because he called in a timely manner and he had the general area marked out.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Don’t wait call now!  Stan ..  949-500-2136