Lost Watch and Wallet at Hermosa Beach in the Sand.. Wallet Found

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Dan had called me asking for help finding his expensive watch that was lost on the beach, two nights ago. He  mentioned that there was also a wallet lost at the same time. 

It’s the beginning of summer and the beach crew uses tractors to rake the beach daily. Dan lives nearby and believed that the area of the loss was not in a location that was raked by the beach cleaning crews.

Our hopes were that the watch was under the dry sand. The wallet may have been exposed and picked up by a person, as the beach has been very crowded. Dan sent me a screenshot photo of the area. After searching the location late that afternoon, I couldn’t find the watch. 

I did find a wallet under the sand. My detector picked up a signal because it had a metallic electronic key inside.  The only problem was the driver license and credit cards belonged to a person named Ron. Luckily there was a card inside the wallet with his phone number. After contacting him I was informed he was Dan’s friend and that this was the wallet lost the same time the watch was lost. 

We now knew we were in the right location where the watch may be hiding under the sand. After several attempts cross gridding the location with my metal detector, the watch could not be found. The losses occurred in the dark. It was probably not under the sand and someone may have picked it up the next morning? 

I know that the watch was no longer in the area searched, but I had to be satisfied that I was able to return the wallet to Ron. I can’t believe the wallet was still on this beach after three days. Beach rakes. many people on the beach and other people using metal detectors on the beach, are reasons to contact a member of TheRingFinders.com as soon as possible.

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