Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Long Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)














Andy and his wife went to Rosey’s Dog Beach a section of Long Beach, CA. .. When they got home his wife realized that her platinum/ diamond engagement ring was not on her finger.  Panic set in, the only place they had gone was the beach that morning. She had not done anything physically caused the ring to slip from her finger. It could have fallen off walking to the car, maybe it was in the car or house.

Andy called me not sure that the ring was at the beach. We discussed that I could at least search the area to verify that the ring was not there. When Andy and I met he was kind of doubtful that the ring was there. I just assured him, if it was there we had a very good chance of finding it. 

He was sure that we were in the general location which is sometimes hard to do once you leave the beach. All sand looks the same.

I set up a grid pattern and started my search in the dry sand. Andy walked around kicking sand trying not to get excited every time I dug a piece of metal junk. On the sixth pass I dug a target that turned out to be the beautiful platinum and diamond engagement ring we were looking for. Andy just was ecstatic and gave me a big man hug. So special to see the joy and gratitude in a person when we are able to find a sentimental item that was thought to be lost forever. Right away Andy was on his cellphone giving his wife the good news.

If you have lost your ring or other sentimental keepsake, please contact me ASAP. You will not be bothering me. I will answer the phone 24/7. Call or Text .. Emails sometimes are slower to answer.