Lost Ring in Volleyball Court Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Marjory’s husband called me asking if I could help his wife find her wedding ring which was white gold with diamonds. She had lost it while playing volleyball. He said she knew exactly when the ring came off her finger.

It was ‪7:30 pm‬ already dark and he wasn’t sure what the conditions were. He called his wife giving her my contact information. Marjory called me giving me the details. Her only problem was she had leave by ‪9pm‬.

After hearing how the loss occurred, I assured her that the search would not take long. We met at the well lighted outside volleyball court. After a short search the ring showed up in my sand scoop. Marjory and her friend were overjoyed and relieved that the ring was not lost forever.

Often,  we get calls that are going to be quick and successful. That is not always the case, this last week I’ve had two other searches that were more than 6 hours each and the item was not found. If the ring is there, quality metal detectors in experienced hands can find small metallic items. If the item is not there a metal detector search can eliminate a location. It does give a little peace of mind to know that the item is not hiding in the sand or grass. I have several texts and emails from people that found their ring in other locations later. In the sofa, shoe, bed, car, clothing pockets, cookie jar, jewelry box, etc. I should post some of those stories on my blogs.