Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

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John and Barbara were here in Newport Beach, CA., visiting from the UK. Actually they were celebrating their marriage. John had been in the ocean about knee deep with his granddaughter, lifting her over the waves. He didn’t feel his four day old gold wedding ring come off, but realized it missing within minutes of returning to the shore.
He was able to contact me after finding TheRingFinders on a internet search. We met at sunset while it was almost high tide about 3 hours after the loss. Our beaches vary as far as sand conditions are concerned and can change daily. This beach had been recently eroded with a lot of soft sand on the lower slope, which could just cause the ring to sink out of detection range.
I waited to start the search at the next lowest tide. Starting to searching too soon could make it difficult to retrieve a ring in the water with the waves surging. Sometimes you only get one chance to dig the target. If you miss the ring on the first attempt, it could sink out of detection depth.

After an hour it was approaching the lowest tide and I was in knee deep water with waves hitting me at my waist. My third signal of the search sounded good, but I had difficulty staying on the target. When I relocated the signal it took a little patience to wait for the best time between the surging waves to dig the target.

Boom! John’s 18k Gold wedding ring in the scoop. Returning to the house with the ring in my hand, I met John who hand a look of doubt on his face. I told him how difficult the surf conditions were and asked him if he thought there might be two gold rings out there? He said, no. Then I said, this must be yours.
John was overwhelmed and kept saying he couldn’t believe it was found.
I love helping people like John, especially when I can pull off a recovery like this.

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  1. Dave Millman says:

    Great job on the water recovery1

  2. John Thomson says:

    Stan is nothing short of a hero , after calling him he was on site within 10 mins , he decided to come back the next day at low water to have the best

    chance of recovering my wedding ring , which was only 3 days old (married Sat evening lost Tues aft) .

    The wind was off the sea so it was really quite cold but he turned up right on time and was waist deep in the surf for around 1hr 45 mins working in a

    grid before he found my ring . Needless to say Barbara and I were VERY pleased . Thanks again Stan

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