Newlyweds Lose Wedding Ring Watching Sunset, Laguna Beach, CA.

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When Frank called me it was about 7:30 pm. He and his wife, Lana were in panic mode because she had lost her white gold and diamond wedding band somewhere at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna, Beach CA.

It was cold and dark but we still had a couple hours before they lock the upper entrance gates at 10 pm. I met them at 8pm with the objective to get a general idea of where they had been incase I had to resume the search the next day. Frank and Lana live 50 miles away which would be troublesome for them to lose a days work to return the next day.

As we walked down the 200 plus steps to the beach I asked the questions that could help me put together a strategy for the search.
Lana only remembered seeing her ring when they parked their car about 4pm. After that they had walked down to the beach and walked about a quarter mile to a cave at one end of the beach.

She didn’t remember doing any activity except running a bit on the wet sand. They did say that they had set down for about 15 minutes on the sand to watch the sunset. It was just before starting up the steps that she noticed the one ring missing. Her engagement ring was still on her finger.

It was not sounding like an easy search but if they could find the location where they sat on the beach, we could eliminate that area. Frank was able to direct me to the exact spot where they had been sitting. My head was telling me that tomorrow was going to be a long day searching an almost impossible expanse of sand.

Trying to stay positive I began to search a 12’x12’ area. First target was a small piece of tin foil. Second signal also sounded like tin foil but a quick dig with my sand scoop revealed Lana’s ring. Boom !!

They were both extremely excited, stating over and over that they could not believe that their cherish sentimental wedding ring was not lost forever. This was even more special because they are newlyweds and had only been married one month.
This is what makes me grateful that I have the skills and time to be able to help people like Lana and Frank.


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great job Stan!!

  2. Griff says:

    Stan, that was a very special find. The area and the facts indicate it could easily have been a near impossible recovery. I’ll bet you were especially relieved that you found it so quickly. Keep up the good work.

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