Jewelry lost In West Los Angeles,CA. house for two years .. found

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Two years ago Susan had asked her mother if she could leave some of her jewelry at her parents home because they had a better alarm system. Both Susan and her mother, Molly each put their jewelry pouches in the same box of cleaning supplies underneath a bathroom sink.
Last year Susan went to retrieve her jewelry and the box was not there. It had been replaced with spare lightbulbs by her father. No one in the house remembered throwing the cleaning supply box in the trash. Susan’s mother wasn’t sure if she had placed the jewelry in a different location. The worst possibility was that the jewelry had been thrown out because the box was no where to be found.

After a year of searching the house for other possible hiding places or hoping that Molly would remember if she had hidden the jewelry somewhere else, it was looking like the sentimental keepsakes could possibly be in a landfill somewhere miles away.

A couple weeks after suggesting to Susan how to search the house, she called saying they were overwhelmed with unsuccessfully searching the house. She convinced me to come to the house Tom help her and her mother.

When I arrived at the house I met Molly and she began by telling me the importance of her jewelry that were gifts from relatives in the Far East many years ago. We went upstairs where she showed me the original hiding place. She showed me several rooms and closets where the two pouches of jewelry could have been relocated.

I had a industrial search light and a hand held pinpointer detector that could be used indoors. My first thought was that the items may be on a high shelf. After an hour and a half of systematic searching two rooms and starting in a large closet,  I found a plastic shoe box marked candles on a high shelf. When I opened it there was a small red box containing a gold necklace under the candles. When I pulled it out there were two other small boxes and the pink jewelry pouch that Susan had described to me. I went down stairs, asking Susan to come check something for me. Boom!! She exploded with Joy, her rings and other sentimental items she forgot about were safe.

I continued the search in that large walk-in closet. Fifteen minutes later passing my pinpointer detector by a bag of shoes I got a signal. Reaching in the bag, I felt a rolled up plastic pouch that was definitely Molly’s jewelry. It was unbelievable that both Susan and Molly’s items were found in a relatively short time. There was so many other rooms to search. Finally after a year of mental agony haunting everyone in the family, we had closure to the mystery of what happened to the jewelry.

Another special day for me to meet both Susan and Molly, also a pleasure to help them.





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  1. Good job Stan! You made a difficult find look easy:-)

  2. Kathleen says:

    That’s my brother,loving to solve the mystery,or find the hidden treasures. However curious how jewerlry got relocated?

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