Lost Wedding Ring in Sand at Newport Beach, CA. - Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













Eddie called me this morning asking for my help to find his Tungsten wedding ring possibly lost in the sand at the Newport Dunes RV Resort. I got excited because I was close enough to walk to his location within 10 minutes.

Eddie and I met at a the children’s play area on the sand. That is where he told me, he realized his ring was missing. Before that he had been several different places on the beach. One place was where he had crashed his bike on the sand and the other place was where he had been throwing a frisbee.

I started to eliminate the Totlot (play area) first. It is hard to stay positive when you hear about so many possibilities where he had been. I had a little electrical interferences to begin with and there was a lot of metal posts in the play area that could cover up a signal of the ring.

After a couple hours of searching, I went back to get a larger scoop to move the sand away from the metal posts. I also changed out  my detector to one with a higher frequency coil. Returning to the play area where there was masking possibilities. Within the first 15 minutes I had Eddie’s wedding band in my scoop. He had already given up, returning to his RV. So it doubled his surprise when I showed up to return his ring. He had an big smile and his wife told me how I had made his day.. Helping people find their precious sentimental keepsakes makes my life special. It is awesome to use my time, experience and equipment in such a worthwhile endeavor.

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