Heirloom Diamond Wedding Rings Lost .. Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA. ..Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

This search was a surprise to me as well as Farimah and her husband, Ehsan. Farimah had called me early Sunday morning asking for help to find two heirloom wedding rings that were lost somewhere at Salt Creek Beach near Dana Point, CA. She was devastated because two years ago her original wedding rings were stolen when her home was burglarized. These replacement rings were family heirlooms that were given to her by her mother in law.

Her description of what happened before discovering her rings were missing sounded like it could take many hours to search the large area she had been. A large section where she had walked was hard packed wet beach with many people on the beach. If the rings fell off there, they would have probably been picked up by other people that often walk the beach searching for sea shells.

Discussing the events of the day, Farimah did not remember doing any activity that would cause her rings to slip from her finger. The best clues I had was that she did realize the rings were missing before she left the beach and her husband, Ehsan had found a bottle cap that was at exact area where they had set on the beach.

I started where they had spent the most time sitting on the beach, then the 50 yard section of dry sand towards the restroom. Next I went to the damp soft sand where her daughter had been playing in the sand with other family members. I was dreading the 8 – 10 blocks of hard wet sand that she had walked. Then, Boom !! A Big beautiful diamond ring in the scoop. Next signal less than a foot away was the wedding band. I called Farimah telling her I needed some help.

They had walked down the beach to get some snacks from the little restaurant. Farimah walked up to me and I surprised her by holding up the wedding ring. She exploded with joy and before she could get her breath I said, how about this one, showing her the beautiful engagement ring. She was speechless and gave me a big hug. We had time to pull off another surprise, as Ehsan was still coming from snack shack, unaware that the rings had been found. She walked up to him presenting him with her own surprise. It was beautiful day for all.

Farimah told me she could not believe that the ring was found in that location because she had spent less than 10 minutes there. Another bonus was several of the people on the beach were also able to witness the return and learn about TheRingFinders metal detecting service.

This search taught me to stay positive even if you know how impossible it may seem. If  you have lost any metallic valuable in a place where a metal detector can be used try to mark the general area. Call a member of TheRingFinders as soon as possible. ‘I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”


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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Nice work Stan. The easy jobs turn out to be difficult and sometimes the difficult ones turn out easier. One never knows what will happen so each search is like a box of chocolates.

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