Unique White/Yellow Gold Ring Lost .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Rachael called asking if I was available to search for a ring that was lost in dry sand at a small cove in South Laguna Beach. We didn’t talk much about what happened. I just told them I’d be there in a half hour.

Rachael was part of the group at a beach party put together by her friends, Shae and Jeff. They were playing a beach game called Spike Ball. Where a ball is bounced off a small trampoline hitting it by hand. Jeff swung at the ball and his heavy White/Yellow gold went flying.

They raked, sifted and used a borrowed metal detector to search for it. After hours Rachael began to search on line for ideas to find the ring. It took a while and several calls before she found my information on TheRingFinders.com.

Jeff showed me where he was standing when he felt the ring fly off his finger. From past experience I know how these rings can go to the most unexpected locations. I grid searched the area that Jeff thought the ring went. Then I asked them to move the beach chairs and unrelated back 15 feet. Boom! I got the loud sound of big gold. Before digging it, ” This is The Ring” .. I gave the sand scoop to one of the little girls to scoop the prize as everybody watched.

Everybody was surprised at how they had been sitting on the ring the whole time. This ring was very a unique blended white and yellow gold the was purchased years ago when they lived in Switzerland.

Again, I heard them tell me that they didn’t know a service like TheRingFinders existed. I enjoyed meeting them and helping to find this very sentimental ring.


If you lose something in the dry sand, mark the area and get landmarks that will help you return to the general area. Call a metal detector expert from TheRingFinders ASAP. A phone call is faster than a text or email.  Some beaches get daily sand cleaning machines that may end up claiming your valuable before we have a chance to find it with a metal detector. We want to optimize our chances of finding your sentimental keepsake. Timing is important. “I Will Try Anywhere”