Lost Palladium Wedding Ring .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found at Oak St.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

John had been enjoying his day at Oak St. in Laguna Beach when things became crazy. His wedding palladium wedding ring went flying through the air landing somewhere in the sand as he brushing sand off his shoulder. After spending some time searching he started to panic because the sun was setting and the tide was rising.
Then a lifeguard came to his aid, telling him about TheRingFinders website. John contacted me on the phone telling me he was at Oak St. where he lost a ring in the sand. I asked if he could wait there for a half hour. Just didn’t need to waste time talking on the phone.
It is a good time to get a parking because people are leaving this time of day. A short walk to the beach and a few swings with my go to detector (XP Deus) and John’s ring was in my scoop.
I don’t need to tell you he was happy and relieved to have his ring back where it belongs.
It’s nice to have these short searches once in awhile. This week I’ve had two searches that were over 3 hours each and unsuccessful. We can’t find it, if it’s not there. At least we can eliminate an area that people think it might be.