Lost Rose Gold Wedding Ring .. Monarch Bay Club, Dana Point,CA. .. Found

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Krystal had been at Monarch Bay Club on the beach, Dana Point,CA. with relatives and it was a great day until she got home. That’s when she reached into her beach bag to retrieve her Rose Gold wedding ring, which she had placed there for safe keeping. It was not in the bag. Krystal and her husband Bob looked everywhere in their car without finding the ring.
She believed it may have been pulled out of the bag when she was pulling out items during their day at the beach.
The next day they brought a borrowed metal detector to the beach.
They spent a half day with the detector scanning the whole beach. Now the tide was starting to move in. Their friend google searched several key words when she came up with TheRingFinders.com.
When they called me I told them we still had enough light to do a search. The area could possibly be massive.

I arrived, beginning my search grid to stay ahead of the incoming tide. After about an hour and a half I was preparing my words to tell them I can not locate the ring. I could only see a small 20’x 20′ area to search. Bingo! I got the sound and reading I was looking for. A quick scoop in the wet sand and I had the ring in my hand.

Krystal, Bob and their friend were standing off in the distance and they had that hopeless look on their faces. I walked up to them asking for a description of the ring at the same time I held it up for them to see. Happy faces with a little bit of tears of joy. We had a nice conversation walking back to our cars. It never gets old finding these sentimental mental symbols of Krystal and Bob’s love for each other.


If you have lost your ring or other sentimental keepsake, please contact me ASAP. You will not be bothering me. I will answer the phone 24/7. Our chances of finding your valuable metal keepsake are greatly increased by getting together as soon as possible. I use the state of the art metal detectors which also make for successful searches. My search areas are, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, Corona Delmar, Balboa Beach, Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington State Beach, Oceanside, San Clemente, Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, Aliso Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Paradise Cove, Westwood, LosAngeles, Hollywood including all of Orange and LA counties.



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