Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I was driving on the Balboa Penensula in Newport Beach after failed ring search when I received a call from Jaimee’s friend. She was at “G” St. on the beach and wanted to know if I was available. I had just  past that location and was four blocks away. I told her I could be there in 5 minutes, but parking on this July 4th holiday would be a problem. They live in the neighborhood so they had a place for me to park. (that’s a miracle).

A short walk on to the beach where they had a large group of friends set up for a big 4th of July beach party. I met Jaimee who showed me where she had lost her diamond wedding ring when she took it off to apply sunscreen. It was an irreplaceable family heirloom past down to her from her great grandmother.

They had the spot marked well but for the last two hours many of the people tried to find the ring. I set up my XP Deus with highest sensitivity and deep settings because it was a thin white gold band with diamonds. It showed up in my scoop after my first signal. Jaimee broke out in tears of gratitude giving me a big hug.

It was one of those times that I believe it wasn’t a coincidence that I was just around the corner when they called.


2 Replies to “Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand”

  1. James Evans says:

    You are the man!!
    What did you up your sensitivity to?

    1. Stan Ross says:

      I was using the XP Deus with the HF coil .. I had it set on a modified HOT program with the Sensitvity set at 95 .. The frequency set at 13.3 kHz .. Audio enhancement 4 … It was a good signal with a solid sound. Maybe 4″ deep.

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