Gold Pendant Lost at the Beach .. Salt Creek Beach, South Laguna, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Megan called asking my help finding a gold pendant that had been lost in the sand at Salt Creek Beach. Share had been at the beach that afternoon with her nieces. Towards the end of the day she felt her gold chain dangling from her neck with the clasp open. A gold pendant that had been gifted to her by her mother was missing. This was a gift that was purchased in the Far East and was symbolic for Megan’s name.

She thought we could meet the next morning but I convinced her that she could sleep better if we could find it tonight. The area she believed it to be was less than 40’x40′. That would take a half hour or less. Megan said, she could be there with her uncle and aunt to meet me at 9pm.

It’s about 4 or 5 blocks down to location. She was having a slight difficulty finding the exact spot because the tide had risen and it was dark. I started to grid search when another detectorist came out of the darkness asking if we had lost something. He acted a little strange and seemed like he wanted to help. I did not need another detector interfering with my detector in such close quarters. I told him I could handle the search and if we needed him we would ask him later.

At the end of an hour unsuccessful searching I was beginning to think that the other detector guy may have found the gold pendant and didn’t tell us. It’s hard to search when your mind keeps trying to discourage you. I moved closer towards the incoming tide just at the edge of the damp sand when I got a nice gold tone that proved to be Megan’s pendant.

Everybody was on edge because we were running out of places to search. They had even quit watching me. So it was easy to not give away that I had found it. I walked up to Megan asking her to look into my scoop. She yelled, you found it and immediately broke out in tears of gratitude. This special gift from her mother was back where it belongs. It took a little longer than I thought but everybody slept well that night including me.
I probably should apologize to that other detectorist for thinking that he may have already found it and didn’t tell us.


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