Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Recovered from Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Kevin called me last night to inquire about my metal detecting service after finding me on TheRingFinders website.
His daughter was at the Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach, CA. searching for her wedding ring as we spoke. He said he would call in the morning if she didn’t find it. I was ready to leave right now because I knew she was waisting her time.
I did get the call the next morning setting up a place to meet. The location was five miles from my home, nice for me. Kevin told me that his daughter thought she removed the ring from her finger to apply sunscreen to her husband. ( #1 cause of rings lost on beaches .. IMO )
It was an easy search because Kevin was able to get me to the exact location and there was a ring to be found. Kevin stayed about 30 yards away to give me space to do my thing. He said he saw me hesitate for a second before scooping up the ring. He was so excited to take a picture of the ring sending it to his daughter right away.
I didn’t know till after the find that they were not sure that this was where she lost the ring. They only believed it was possibly there after checking photos taken during the day.