Lost Iphone in Sand .. Three Arch Bay, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

imageGlen called me late in the evening Mother’s Day. His wife, Hey had lost her celphone in the sand the night before. Because she had “the find my phone” application on her phone, GPS signal indicated it was in the sand near the fire pit. After spending most the day searching in the sand by hand and rakes it was getting dark. The battery on the phone had died and they were about to give up.
Glen found TheRingFinders.com while doing a Google search for metal detectors. After calling me I was able to meet them at Three Arch Bay which is a gated community with a private beach. My first time visiting this beach. It’s a beautiful beach even at night with a long set of steps down the cliff to the beach.
After meeting Hey, I could see she was tired and frustrated. They had built a fire in the firepit. So it was kind of a picturesque place to do a search. It took awhile, maybe 15 minutes to find the phone because it was 20 feet away from the location they gave me. I was careful not to dig aggressively as it would not be professional to break the Celphone.
It was great to see how happy Hey was and to know that her Mother’s Day ended in a positive way. I asked them to tell their neighbors and friends about our service.


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