Ring Found Camp Pendleton Delmar Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday  October 10, 2014

Sean called me early this morning telling me that he found my name in The RingFinders directory.  He had lost his white gold wedding band in the sand the night before. He had been working out with a squad of Marines  doing  some type of crawling exercise in the sand. Sean told me that he knew exactly when the ring slipped off his finger, but even that he knew the location it couldn’t be found. He said  about 40 guys searched the sand for about 15 minutes with no success .  I met Sean at 10 am and he walked me to the location  where it was lost.  Sean had placed a traffic cone in the general location and had ask the beach cleaning crew not to rake the area with the tractor rake.  ( last week I missed an easy search because the rake beat me to the location ). This  looked like an simple search, but I went south instead of north. After about 45 minutes I thought I’d cross grid and also check a little area north of the cone.  Ten or fifteen feet in the new direction my search coil was over the ring. After digging the ring in my sand scoop I called Sean over and we both were elated. Sean and myself were beginning to give up hope. I wasn’t ready to quit, but I was thinking of what words to say if I didn’t find it. After finding the ring Sean told me that he had just recently got married and he had not told his wife about the loss. At least he did save her a night of worrying about the loss.  I’m sure if Sean did not mark the spot and ask the beach crew to avoid raking that area we may have never found his ring..  I love  being able to help people, look at that smile.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Welcome back Stan! Congrats on your recent recovery!!!

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