Lost Ring .. Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday  March 16, 2014

It was just before sunset and I was detecting at Pacific Beach, CA.  Actually I was talking to a couple guys that were also detecting the same beach, when I received a call from Dalya. She sounded desperate as she had lost her ring in the sand and had spent quite sometime trying to find a way to get some help trying to locate her ring. After asking her a few questions I told her I could meet her and Kile at Moonlight Beach within 45 minutes. It was only about 18 miles, but I had to walk back to my car and I wasn’t sure about the traffic.

When I arrived at the Moonlight Beach I met Dalya and Kile. They told me that they had put their cell phone, keys and her ring in Kile’s shoe.  When Kile came back to put on his shoes he removed the larger items not realizing the ring was in the shoe. He shook the sand out of his shoe and the ring.  They located me on line when they tried to see if they could rent a metal detector. It was beginning to get dark as we walked about a couple blocks to the general area. Kile said he had dumped the sand out of the shoe near the rocks pointing to a location of about 30 feet next to the rocks. I was told that the ring was silver which helps to identify the sound I will hear. My machine has a screen that will show me a number of 12-46 for a silver item. This all helps when there is a lot of trash in the search area. I made three passes along the rocks out towards the cleaner sand. Kile had thought the ring may be close to the rocks and I knew that would be a difficult search. I was 10 feet out from the rocks when I got that silver tone and a 12-46 reading on my screen. I scooped into the sand telling them, this is your ring. Held the scoop up to Dalya asking her to pick the ring out of the sand. I was awesome to see how happy she was to have her ring in her hand. You can see the smiles on the photo I was able to take of them.

Dalya told me that the ring was a gift to her from her mother when they had visited Jeusalem, Israel. I’m still amazed that we can make all this happen using the new technology that did not exist several years ago, Cell phones, Ditial Cameras, Internet, Moble maps, GPS and Modern Metal Metectors. I used a MInelab CTX 3030 metal detector to make this find.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice find Stan…Way to go! Best, Chris

  2. Happy reunion. Good work Stan

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