Surfing Haigis Beach Cape Cod, Lost Ring, Exhilarating Search, Book of Smiles

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 2, 2018 Justin Mello lost his wedding band while body surfing the incoming tide. By the time I was contacted it was just too late in the evening to start a search in a rough surf. The next morning Jim and I showed up at 7am and started to search a very angry sea bed. Three foot waves were a threat to our search. We were lucky the waves were calming as the tide was going out. However, our safety was our first objective, finding the ring the second. One set of waves came in and Jim disappeared, playing submarine, not by his choice. When he surfaced he was all in tack save for a bit of seaweed on top of his wet hat. Justin arrived about 8am and told Jim and myself we were in the correct area, but a bit too far out. Heck that was were the big waves were and we were (at least I was) having fun riding them. The tide had gone out for more than an hour, exposing more dry wet sand. We started to search the area that we could not the hour before because of the rough surf. Now in ankle deep water a strong signal said “Dig Me!” and I did. In my scoop was Justin’s white gold wedding band. The exhilarating hunt was over, time for coffee after pictures and a few detecting stories.

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  1. My wife and I are so grateful to Rick and Jim to finding my wedding band. I lost it while body surfing in rough water in Dennis Port, and it put a serious damper on our vacation immediately. We searched ourselves, even renting a metal detector and could not find it. We started thinking about replacing it, which would have been feasible, but just wouldn’t have the same sentimental value. Rick and Jim started looking early the next day and after an hour and a half of enduring a wet search in rough water, Jim found my ring while I was there on the beach. I couldn’t believe it, and my wife was ecstatic. We cannot thank Rick and Jim enough for their efforts and for getting our vacation mindset back on track. Thank you both!


    Justin E-mailed the above to me with a request to post. Rick

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