Lost Ring Yarmouth, MA Leaves Man at Rope's End

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Out for an early morning walk Devin came across a rope swing hanging over a pond. He climbed the tree to reach for the rope and his wedding band, just 362 days old fell from his finger. My search of the never before seen area with heavy brush cover yielded only one target, a silver quarter. Now knowing the area, I call Devin for a bit more information on the ring’s loss. I traded in my Big Foot Coil for a Sniper coil and went back for a second search. I also carried along a ring with an orange tail tied to it. I climbed the tree, dropped the ring and started the search in the area of the dropped ring. Within 6” my detector emitted a golden signal. I bent, moved brush and dirt away…no ring. I still had the signal so more dirt was mover, and with no ring in sight I put my finger under a tree root, removed dirt and the ring. Unfortunately, I found the ring on the 366th day, it was not in its’ proper place on its’ first anniversary. Still the anniversary was a success and the ring is now back where it belongs. Happy days to follow and many more smiles will surely be in Devin and Brenna’s future.