Football leads to ring loss, In-laws to ring find. Orleans, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

What an experience; the search for this ring will never be forgotten. The usual questions, answers and a Google map photo of the area. The next low tide was 2am and my detecting partner, Jim, and I were up for a hunt in the dark. A beautiful night, bright moon, stars, shooting stars, and heat lightening in the distance. 3 hours later, no ring but a mind full of fantastic sights. I returned a 1pm with Mike’s in-laws. They agreed that Mike’s “area” was off. They told me were to go, stop and start detecting to the right, not left as Mike’s map had shown. Two passes parallel to the beach took about 4 minutes with no targets, I turned for the 3rd pass, took 3 steps and there it was, Mike’s ring in my scoop. Back on the sand, cheers from the crowd on the beach and disbelief that the ring had been found and so fast and returned to Mike’s father-in-law (shown in photo).
UPDATE Mike, his ring and wife.

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  1. Michael Ditter says:

    My wife’s family has been spending summer’s in Chatham since she was a little girl and now I look forward to the annual trip…but last year turned into quite the adventure. We were at Hardings Beach and I was in the water throwing a football with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. All of sudden, I looked down and noticed my wedding band was gone. Mallory and I have been married a little over a year and my wedding band was custom made by a local jeweler in the small town where we met. It was incredibly special to me and I was devastated to have lost it.

    Once I realized the ring was lost, the whole family was in the water feeling around with hands and feet to find the ring. A whole bunch of crab bites later, we gave up and I emailed the jeweler letting them know I was going to need a replacement. As I was searching online to see if I could find a place to post about the lost ring in case someone found it one day, I came across Rick’s website. Within 5 minutes of sending him an email, he called me and said he would be at Hardings Beach that night. I called Mallory to tell her about Rick and let’s say she was skeptical!

    Even just in our phone conversations, I was blown away by Rick’s generosity and good will. The fact that he would spend the night walking the beach in low tide looking for my ring was incredible. His selflessness and desire to help others is truly overwhelming.

    Rick didn’t find the ring that first night out, but told me he’d be back at the beach that afternoon for low tide. Mallory and I needed to head home, but my father-in-law and brother-in-law met him at the beach that afternoon and they had the ring in their hands within 30 minutes. My brother-in-law called me while I was driving home and I couldn’t believe the news.

    While having my wedding band spend a night in the Atlantic Ocean is quite the story, we are eternally gratefully to Rick for delivering the happy ending!

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