Flight of the 111 Ring...Lost, Found and Returned in Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Early Contact Makes for Best Chances in Lost Ring being Found and Returned, Cape Cod.

A little football in the water seemed like just the thing to start an evening off with. Splish Splash His Ring Took a Bath. And All the Kings Men Could Not Find the Ring again. By chance Patrick read about TheRingFinders.com and contacted me. I made arrangements with a B&B owner to park in his lot and search his beach at a time that would not interfere with his guests. The next morning was set.
Again with a wealth of knowledge as to the area to search it took me only 45 minutes to find the ring.
The B&B owner was made a believer and now has my name and phone number handy should any of his guests need my help. Some inscriptions just need to be explained. Inside this ring was the number 111, which turned out to be the flight number Patrick met his wife on.
The ring’s return took a bit of doing as I was leaving on a weeks vacation and Patrick’s work schedule
just did not allow him to make a trip to Dennis, Ma in the next couple of weeks. The solution was to mail the ring. I have mailed several rings and never had a problem. This time a Tracking ALERT showed his address did not exist and the package was being forward to another town. Monday morning came and a call to the USPS confirmed a computer glitch and the package was to be delivered in that day’s mail. And it was. Just think were we would be without computers. NO METAL DETECTORS?