Lost Diamond Ring in Durham, Ontario...Found! The Woodpile Ring

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

A lady in Durham, Ontario, Canada lost her ring while retrieving firewood from a woodpile beside her home. The ring was purchased for her by her husband while overseas and so it had special sentimental value. She knew it was lost somewhere between the woodpile and her backdoor but exactly where it came off her finger was not clear. She frantically retraced her steps looking for the precious keepsake, but to no avail. The ground was covered in a mixture of maple leaves and bark chips and so it seemed hopeless that she would ever see her ring again.

My wife and I happened to stop by for a visit and soon learned about the loss. I had my Whites XLT Spectrum metal detector in the car (it usually travels with us) and so I asked the distraught woman some questions and then began a grid search retracing her steps between the house and the woodpile. I was barely 30 minutes into my search when the detector gave out what we metal detecting specialists call, “a loud and proud” signal. There, hidden from view beneath a golden maple leaf, the ring appeared where it had fallen.

It was a great feeling to be able to present the ring to its owner again. She was ecstatic! It was especially meaningful to me to find that ring and return it since it belonged to none other than my sister, Linda! In fact she and her husband visited us just the other day. And she was still wearing her “woodpile” ring—tangible evidence of yet another “Happy Return!”

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  1. Thanks again, Paul! It is so nice to have my ring back where it belongs!

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