Class Ring Returned Vinton Iowa


This is kind of a long story, but it has a happy ending!

I found this girls class ring back in September when I was water detecting at a small beach. There was a name engraved on the inside of the band but I couldn’t read it even with a 16x loupe.

So I put an add on craigslist on the lost and found section but I didn’t have any replies. So I kept wondering what to do with it. There was no school name on it. Just the name Emily and the year 2010.

This was the first class ring I’ve ever found but I wanted to return it. So I was having some jewelry work done on an old ring and decided to take the class ring along and have them look at it. Well they gave me enough information on the name on the inside of the band that I was able to google the name and come up with a girl who was the right age and lived close enough to the beach I was detecting. It must be her!

I was able to get her parents address. Today I was going to be in the area so I stopped at their house. Luckily Emily was there. She was very happy to see her long lost ring. Her mother and her couldn’t believe I found it. She had lost it last year while swimming at the beach. So it had been in the water awhile.

I believe she was thrilled to have her ring back and it made me happy to finally get it to the rightful owner.