Lost watch, Winter Springs, Orlando, Florida.....Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Kathy asking if I could help find her lost watch!!  She explained how she and her husband had taken a walk and half way through their walk her watch was feeling a bit heavy and was clinging to her wrist, so she removed the watch and was carrying it in her hand.  Upon returning to their home the dog bolted from the house and the frantic chase began!   Her husband threw her the leash and as she tried to catch it with her left hand-she missed it and the leash landed in the St. Augustine grass.  (Northerners call it crab grass!)  Kathy was not sure if she dropped the watch at this point or if she dropped it across the street in the neighbors yard as she ran after the dog and was trying to put the leash on the frisky canine!  After realizing her watch was missing both she and her husband retraced their steps.  They walked and searched the grass and along the sidewalks but could not find her special watch.  This was not just any watch–it was a gift given to her by her loving husband when she retired and it had special meaning!

So I met up with Kathy and she showed me the areas where she thought the watch was lost.  I set up flags to mark off the places she walked through the yard, where she picked up the leash and where she went into the neighbors yard.  I combed the grass looking for the slightest glint of gold and listening for a good strong signal.  My metal detector was getting allot of interference from underground lines and I had to switch to prospecting mode on my DFX to get it to quiet down.  The neighbors grass was not as thick and I wondered how a watch could hide so well.  Kathy was looking a bit sad as I was finishing up the search.  I had circled the yard and was working my way to the center area when my eye caught a shinny glint of gold!  Could it be?  I motioned for Kathy to come over to where I had stopped, and she said, “What is it?”  I said I want you to be the one to pick it up and you should have seen the look on her face!!!   What an amazing feeling of relief and joy and thankfulness!

Thank you Kathy for your generous reward and for calling on me to help you!

Lost something precious?  Call ASAP!!

Mike McInroe, Proud member of theringfinders.comcroppedDSCF2114


3 Replies to “Lost watch, Winter Springs, Orlando, Florida…..Found!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulations on a great recovery Mike. I remember that crab grass when I was there in Florida…That can eat up rings and watches like the sand at the beach…Way to go! Best, Chris

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      Thanks Chris! You get some credit too for each of my recoveries as you were the one to get this whole wonderful process of theringfinders going!! Mike Mc

      1. Chris Turner says:

        That’s kind of you to say Mike! I’m extremely proud of the directory and all the members that are on here helping others find what they thought was lost forever…Have fun and Happy Hunting!

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