Lost Diamond Gold Ring Found After Being Lost for 2 Years in Ogden, Utah

I received a call from Lou regarding his lost ring in Ogden Utah. He explained that he had been working in the yard and at some point the ring came off his finger. They tried searching through the weeds he was pulling and even got a metal detector to help with the search. It was a gold ring with 3 diamonds through the middle and he referred to it as his “old friend” since it had been with him for 23 years. He also told me that he had lost it two years ago and was looking to replace it but wanted to give it one last attempt.

When I arrived at his house, he showed me the area he had been pulling weeds and since it was along the side of the house, I knew there would be a fair amount of interference. I used my smaller coil and started to grid off the area. After a couple pieces of trash, I got a very clean signal close to the surface about 6 feet from where Lou was working. I brushed some dirt back and sure enough, it was his ring! The search took about 15 minutes. After 2 years of being lost, Lou has is “old friend” back!!! So happy Lou gave me a call.

You can watch the recovery on my YouTube channel- Massive Gold Ring Found After 2 Years of Being Lost

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