Lost Gold Wedding Band Recovered in Fuquay Varina , N.C. on 9/25/2012

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

On 9/24/2012 I received a call from a gentleman in Fuquay Varina N.C. about a lost wedding band that he had lost at a ball park while playing ball. After speaking to the gentleman I agreed to meet with him at the ball park where he lost his wedding band of 17 years. The next morning on 9/25/2012 I drove to the park to meet with the gentleman to help him locate his missing ring. The gentleman also advised me he had attempted to locate the ring himself but was unsuccessful . I then had him fill me in on the details of what happened when he lost the ring.  He had explained all the details to me and to the best of his knowledge , when he took off his ball glove the ring came off with it. He showed me the general area of where the ring came off and I attempted to do a grid search of the area. When this was unsuccessful I then went for my long range detector and widened my search area.  With the long range detector I was able to lock on two more possible targets just outside my previous search area. While digging the first target I found the ring about 3 inches down and about 10 feet outside the original search area. As you can see from the pictures he was very relieved and grateful to have his ring back . The whole search took just under an hour.

2 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Band Recovered in Fuquay Varina , N.C. on 9/25/2012”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    How did it get 3″ down in one evening?

  2. michael gaskin says:

    a lot of things could could cause a ring to go deeper in the ground, for starters he lost it there in a public ball park a few days before he called me.. and other people useing the feild can cause it to be pushed deeper down in the already soft soil when they step on it.. gold being heavy tends to work its way down anyway.. plus if it rained that could the soil to be even softer..

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