Lost ring in Bradley Beach, New Jersey... Found , Lost ring in Millburn, NJ... Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

Hi! My name is Kati Schmidt and I’ve been metal detecting since 2018, finding coins, jewelry, and all sorts of other metal things.  If you have lost something made of or containing metal, I’ll be happy to help you recover it.  I’ve searched parks, yards, beaches, and other places.  I work on a reward basis, if I find the item, you can give me a reward that you are both comfortable with and can afford.  I do have a call-out fee of $25, to cover my travel expenses for local areas.  If you are further away, we can negotiate an appropriate call out fee.  My detecting is mostly in New Jersey, but I’m up to going elsewhere if required.  Give me a call (973) 970-3059, shoot me a text, or send me an email kati.schmidt@theringfinders.com and we can begin the recovery!

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  1. Xi says:

    On Aug.28, I lost my platinum diamond wedding band in the grass behind a parking lot. My fiancé and I tried our best to look for it, but we start to lose hope after 2 hours searching. So I called people on the ring finders website, after at least 7 failure calls (either too far or not available), finally Kati is willing to come though it took her 1.5 hours to drive to my location. I truly appreciate her quick action since the lost place is a public area under construction (and we just travel there not live there). Kati’s metal detector is very sensitive, it worked so quickly that only took 2min to find my lost ring. Thank you so so so so so much Kati, it means a lot to my marriage!

  2. James says:

    So I was bagging leaves over the weekend and I looked down at my hand and realized… my ring is gone! We had bagged about 12 huge bags of leaves at this point and it was a true needle in a haystack situation. I emailed Kati that night and she was at my house the next morning! It only took her about 30 minutes to find it all those leaves. Unbelievable. So grateful for you Kati! If it is lost, she will find it.

  3. Slicktor Victor Robinson says:

    I was shooting a music video yesterday and lost my ring due to the frigid cold air. After trying to buy and use a metal detector with no help left I googled how to find a ring in the snow and wallah who would’ve known there was a such thing as the ring finders. I called several people thia morning and when i told them my area, I was referred to Kati. Kati answered the phone swiftly and said yes absolutely I will be right there. A short time later Kati arrived and 5 mins upon arrival the ring was found. She is an amazing soul and great at her job. If you lose something I trust in Kati to find it. Thanks Kati. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sending love, vibes and blessings your way. Thanks again.

  4. Anusha Shrivastava says:

    My daughter went sledding on a hill by Brookside Dr. after the latest snowstorm dropped about 8 inches of snow in our area and dropped her expensive iPhone. We made three attempts to look for it, using the Find My Phone app and pinging and so on. No joy! I posted about this loss in the Happy Millburn FB group and someone suggested I contact Kati. I did – and am really glad I did! She was efficient, courteous and very single-minded in her effort to find the phone. It took her about 90 minutes. She combed the area around a clump of trees on the hill and went back and forth until she retrieved it. We are thrilled and have the highest possible recommendation for using Kati’s services.

  5. stuart culpepper says:

    I lost my wedding ring while doing Spring gardening in the back yard. Kati came the day after I contacted her, and was spot on the time she said she’d show up. I brought her out to the back yard and she patiently scanned through bags of debris until she found the ring – it was a great relief! She was also such a nice person. I hope I never lose my wedding ring again, but I’d call her in a heartbeat if I did. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this incredibly helpful service.

  6. So today an amazing thing happened Kati found my wedding band in a river. I slipped yesterday and it flew off my finger into the river. (True story) We both were so happy she really cared and took her time to find my ring. I can’t be more grateful and thankful for her help. I was so lucky to have her come today. Kati your a super hero and such an awesome person can’t thank you enough. There should be more people like you in this world.
    Sincerely Joe

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