Platinum and Sapphire Ring Lost at Crawfish Boil in Texas City, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Platinum and Sapphire Ring Lost at Crawfish Boil Festival in Texas City, Texas recovered by Houston Metal Detecting Services

Jeremy reached out and reported he had lost his Platinum and Sapphire wedding band a few days back while participating in a Crawfish cookout in Texas City. Jeremey said he believed he lost the ring while tossing crawfish remains or during the cleanup process after the event. Jeremey reported he had borrowed a metal detector a few days back and searched the area with no results. Jeremy advised on the day of the loss, the ground at the site was very muddy and the ring may have been buried by foot, or vehicular traffic.

The search was quick, and Jeremy was quickly reunited with his lost wedding ring…

Jeremy and his wife were both very happy to get their ring back!

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