Lost Wedding Ring in Clarion, PA... FOUND!

  • from Altoona (Pennsylvania, United States)

Another successful ring recovery for 2020! Jameson contacted me to find his lost wedding ring. He had finished a run at the Sandy Creek Trail in Van, Pa., and was cooling down when he noticed his ring was no longer on the lanyard he was wearing. He had a general idea of where it came off, but he and his wife had already searched for hours and couldn’t find it. I met Jameson’s wife, Kalen, at the trailhead on a wet and rainy morning to search for the ring with my Equinox 800. I grid-searched most of the parking lot, looked in a few mud puddles and alongside the trail, but it wasn’t until I went to the edge of the lot that I got a good signal and finally located his ring. I am so happy to have found Jameson’s ring for him! 


Please contact me so I can help you recover what you thought was lost forever and you, too, will be smiling like Jameson’s wife, Kalen! It’s never too late to recover a ring. Whether you lost it five minutes ago or fifty years ago, I’ll do my best to find it! Take a look at my book of smiles and follow me on Instagram @MrKingDigsIt.

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