White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Sand Playing Volley Ball, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Tiffany just before 3 pm on Saturday, July 6th, asking about The Ring Finders. She said she had lost her Engagement Ring while playing volleyball. She also stated that her husband was on his way to buy a metal detector. I told her I could be there in 30 minutes and suggested she call her husband and tell him not to buy a detector. I told her that if he didn’t know how to use one, he’d be wasting his money. She agreed on me coming and she’d call her husband. She told me that she was in the Kingston Plantation Rental Complex waiting by the volleyball court. This has a guard at the entrance and sometimes it’s harder to get in there than other times. This time the guard looked at me with a puzzled look when I told him I was looking for a lady’s engagement ring, but he gave me a visitor pass and let me through.

I called Tiffany when I got through the gate, and she was still waiting for me on the court. I made my way around a pickle ball court and down a path to the volleyball court, which couldn’t be seen from the parking lot. I met Tiffany standing by the court and she showed me where she had been standing and the direction she hit the ball. I turned on my Equinox 800 and confirmed I was looking for white gold. When she confirmed the metal, I knew I was looking for a VDI (visual display indication) in the 6 to 8 range. I took 4 steps and got a solid 7. Bingo!!! I used my foot to push a small amount of sand in the scoop, lightly shook the sand out and saw her ring. She was extremely excited when I handed her ring back to her.

Tiffany – Thank you for calling me and trusting me to help find your lost treasure!



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