Condo Key Lost on the Beach Access Path, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Evan called me asking if I could help find a condo key that was lost along the beach access path from the condo to the beach. I got the address and was on my way. I arrived about 20 minutes later and met Evan, his wife Taryn and their son Jagger. The story goes that Jagger was walking along the path with the ‘only’ Condo key on top of a towel, a dog barked, Jagger twisted around, and the key went flying. I had my Nox 800 and knew the VDI (visual display indicator) would ring up around a 19-21. I searched down the path, then both sides with heavy undergrowth with no luck. After roughly 45 minutes I called it. I was exhausted from another ocean search and had no energy.

This morning, I text Evan saying I was coming back to give the key another shot. I also said that he didn’t have to be out there, that I’d let him know either way. When I got there, I concentrated my search on the right side of the path and further out in the undergrowth. After Taryn telling me what happened and running the scenario through my head all night, it only made sense the key would be on the right side. Things are never as they seem! After a bit of searching on the right, I moved to the left side. After about 5 minutes, I hit the 19 VDI I was looking for. Used my pin pointer and nailed the key buried along the edge of the path in the sand. I had noticed that Taryn was sitting on the balcony and pointed up at her. She yelled down, “Did you find it?” I held the key up and she disappeared into the house on her way down. A great day, Jagger was out of the doghouse, Evan or Taryn didn’t have to stay in the condo while the rest of the family went to the beach or out for the day.

Evan and Taryn – Thank you for trusting me to help find your key. Have a great rest of your vacation and a safe journey back home.



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  1. Evan Gragg says:

    Thank you so much! Amazing Service, went above and beyond for our family. Will definitely send anyone missing an item to Jim! His number will be added to our condo call list. Thanks again for saving the day!

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