Daughters Tattoos Symbolizes Ring Recovery and Return Number 220

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

As Ring Finders, we’ve all received those frantic calls asking for help to locate a lost “very” sentimental item (ring, necklace, bracelet, etc.). We’ve also experienced the happy returns with handshakes, big bear hugs, and laughs. And more times than not, we’ve watched those big tears running down cheeks, including our own sometimes. We also have those returns, for one reason or another that we’ll never forget.

This return happened in August 2023 when I found and returned my 220th item, which happened to be a lady’s wedding band. It started with a mother and her two daughters having a girl’s vacation at the beach. The mother was in the ocean and was knocked over by a wave. Knowing what that ring meant to their mother, the daughters contacted me. I was fortunate enough to find it and get it back on the finger it belonged on in pretty quick fashion. And oh yes, there was all the excitement, scream, hugs and tears with the return. It was a moment to remember!

Yesterday, just shy of 3 months I got a text saying, “Jim, I’m super sorry to bother you. But a couple months ago you found my mom’s wedding ring in the sand. My sister and I were so happy. I think you told my sister that we were number 220 of finds for you. We are going to get a tattoo and I just want to verify that our number is in fact 220. Is that something you are able to do for me?” I verified it for her, and she thanked me. I also asked her for a picture of her tattoo, and she agreed. Today I got the picture. I asked her what it meant to her, her sister and their mother to get the ring back. Here’s her response – “Let’s see what finding that ring meant to my family…. everything. Memories of a lifetime. From my parents dating and living the “easy” life to a marriage of 42 years! From the fights to the hugs, from the late nights out to the late nights up with kids. It’s a symbol of strength and promise. A promise that your life will not go unseen because I’ll be by your side through it all. So, to some it may be a ring, but it is so much more of family life wrapped in that ring.”

This is one of my returns I will never forget!


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