Prescription Glasses Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

It had been a great weekend with family in town and sadly as they all left, I wanted to do a little metal detecting. I had just received my new quest scoopal sand scoop in the mail and attached an old wooden handle and was ready to go. There were plenty of people on the beach; the problem was, there weren’t any places to park. After driving to three different spots, I finally found a parking spot and hit the beach. I had my new scoop in one hand and my new Equinox 800, third time out with it, in the other hand.

I hit my first target, stuck my new scoop in the sand, and wouldn’t you know it, my handle broke. I then remembered why the handle wasn’t attached to my T-Rex scoop, I had cracked the base of the handle and changed it out last year. Luckily, I still had my T-Rex in the trunk and headed back to the car. On my way off the beach, Betty approached me wanting to know if I had found a pair of kid’s prescription glasses. I hadn’t, so I got the description of the glasses and found out they had been lost within the last 10 minutes. I told her I needed to change scoops and that I’d be right back and see what I could do. There’s usually very little chance of finding freshly dropped glasses. Glasses are so light; they get pushed and pulled by the surf until the metal frames finally settle in the sand and get buried. Also, as they’re getting pushed and pulled, the lenses get scratched up rubbing against the sand.

 When I got back to the site, I started doing a grid search in the surf, hoping to visually spot the glasses. After a pretty extensive visual search, I told Betty that I’d be there for a while, working the outgoing tide, and if I found the glasses, I’d leave them with the lifeguard. As I’m working the tide line, I walked north of the lost area and spotted the glasses laying on top of the wet sand about 20-30 yards away from the original area. I picked up the glasses, verified they were the right ones, checked for damage, and headed back to find Betty. Betty and I spotted each other about the same time, and I held up the glasses. She and Annie, the mother of the girl that lost the glasses, both came running towards me. Both were very excited and called Kamila to come down from the hotel and get her glasses. While we were waiting, I found out they were on vacation from Illinois and were originally from Poland. I didn’t learn the relationship between Betty, Annie, and Kamila, but it didn’t matter. Once Kamila showed up, she identified the glasses and checked them for damage, everything was okay. Found out from Annie that she had called her husband who was going to overnight a spare set of glasses the next day.

Kamila, so happy I was able to help get your glasses back where they belong.